Wildlife on the Common

Rede Common nature reserve provides food and ideal habitat for a host of birds, insects and mammals. The wildlife on Rede Common is very diverse.

Volunteers took part in a mammal survey on site during three days in November 2019. Margaret, a member of the Kent Mammal Group (KMG) undertook this survey. Fifty small mammal traps were borrowed from the KMG, set out and checked twice daily. The captured animals were then recorded and released. Overall, small mammals recorded were wood mice, bank voles, field voles, with field evidence of mole, rat, fox, and grey squirrel.

Regular Sightings

Our volunteers regularly visit to document and photograph the wildlife on Rede Common. You can see weekly updates on our Facebook page. Viewing updates does not require an account for Facebook as they are ‘public’. However, if you do use Facebook please like our page to follow us. All photos were on-site at Rede Common.


So far we have recorded over eighty species of birds and this number continues to rise as migration periods bring new birds to the area.  We are lucky to have a bird watcher on site who can document our resident and visiting birds.


Volunteers note that there are twenty species of butterfly on the common. This suggests that the nature reserve currently has a healthy environment with a wide range of other invertebrates. Above all, they provide a range of environmental benefits, including pollination and natural pest control.