Calendar of Events

We list our meetups on this calendar. Rede Common events can be those that we attend as well as some that we host. These can be cleanup days, surveys, open days, stargazing or halloween walks. Most of these are free to attend and take place on the common.

Some of our events are on site. Others may be at other locations. Open an event to see its location. Friends of Rede Common add dates regularly.

Here is the link to the calendar. It is also embedded below.

We do not normally expect people to inform us that they are attending. However if this is the case for any events for a particular reason then we will let you know.

In addition to the calendar we also send out occasional emails informing people of what is coming up. Therefore, you should ensure that you are down as a member so that you don’t miss out!

Past and Future

Our news feed on the homepage documents many occasions we have got together with residents over the years. These include open days or quizzes. You can see these by filtering the news feed using the categories in the footer of this website.

Organising events is a big task for a small voluntary group and can incur costs as well. We welcome all the help and support from organisations and volunteers in preparing and running days on the common and elsewhere that encourage use of the nature reserve or help promote it to locals. We wish to put on many more similar events in the future. So any help that members can give to the trustees is greatly appreciated.

We want to make good use of the common. If you have an idea for an event that we could do, please let us know and we can consider it.