Canine Code

The Friends of Rede Common welcome all dog owners and their dogs. It is a fantastic place to walk and exercise your dog. We recognise the significant and life-enhancing roles that dogs play in our community.  Owning a dog, however, comes with certain responsibilities and we would encourage all dog owners to abide by the Canine Code.

This page covers the Medway Canine code and how to join our list of responsible dog owners. It also contains useful information that you may not know about caring for your dog.

Medway’s Canine Code

As a responsible dog owner, I will:

  • ensure my dog is chipped and has a collar and name tag when it is outside
  • prevent my dog from straying
  • keep my dog under control at all times, especially around children and elderly people
  • put my dog on a lead on the highway, when requested by a council or police officer, or where signs indicate
  • keep my dog out of children’s play areas, or any other area where signs indicate
  • not let my dog be aggressive towards other dogs and people
  • let Medway Council know if I see a stray dog
  • carry enough dog bags to clear up after my dog (and a spare in case another dog walker has forgotten theirs)
  • clear up after my dog and place the bag in a dog bin or rubbish bin
  • keep my dog well fed and watered, but not allow my dog to get overweight
  • ensure my dog’s vaccinations are up to date
  • regularly treat my dog for worms and fleas
  • ensure my dog gets enough exercise and mental stimulation by walking and playing with it
  • not allow my dog to chase or kill cats and other small animals
  • never leave my dog in a locked car
  • never hang filled dog bags on trees, bushes, fences –  either bin them or take them home
  • treat my dog with love and kindness, not cruelty
  • never leave my dog alone for long periods of time

Health and Wellbeing

There are dog bins on streets and open spaces, and dogs bags are available at all community hubs and libraries for £1.80 for a pack of 50. Dog owners should always carry bags and respect dog free areas. There is a fixed penalty of £80 if you are caught not picking up after your dog and, up to £1,000 fine for persistent offenders.

Reporting dog fouling is essential to effect change. Please help to keep our paths, grasslands and set aside area, free from dog faeces. Dog waste does not make for a good fertilizer, it is actually toxic to grass as any dog owner will know from the patches on their garden lawn!

Toxocariasis is an infection of the round worm, spread via unwashed vegetables and dog faeces. Dogs can also harbour: viruses, bacteria, and parasites including pathogens like e. coli, giardia and salmonella. These can be harmful to children and the elderly if they come into contact with dog faeces. Picking up your dog poo with a bag poses no risks at all. Worming your dog on a regular basis keeps worms at bay.

Yellow Dog Scheme

All dogs must wear a collar & tag with the owner’s name and address and be microchipped. All dogs should be on leads when on any paths next to a road. Authorised officers have the right to ask you to put your dog on a lead. Dogs are excluded from children’s play areas.

If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon or bandanna it means the dog needs more space. This could be a dog that is being, rehabilitated, training, in heat, old and artchritic, not friendly or having health issues. Please do not approach this dog or its owner with your dog. Maintain distance and give them time to move out of your way.

Dangerous Dogs

If you have been bitten by a dog, afraid one might bite you or suspect a dog might have been stolen, please phone the police on 101. Dog walkers should walk no more than four dogs at a time. More than this makes a pack which could be dangerous to others, especially children. You can report a problem with dogs to the council on their website. If you suspect a dog is being mistreated phone the RSPCA on 08705 555 999.

FORC with Medway Council promoting responsible dog ownership

Become a Responsible Owner

Rede Common’s Management Plan requires us to encourage owners to be responsible whilst using the common. Please help us by following the Canine Code, signing our pledge and picking up a tag . Together we can make Rede Common and the rest of Strood a better place to live.

Sign our pledge and obtain your dog tag which can be attached to your dogs collar or lead to show you care about our environment. The tag states “My Owner Cleans Up After Me” and can be collected from our container if you visit us on one of our work days or from our stall at our events or events that we attend. Tags are free but a £1 donation is welcome to keep this project going.

We Pledge to Be Responsible Owners

(Newest entries in bold)

  • Sue & Hugh Byme
  • Sharon Copestake
  • Tim Davies
  • Eliza
  • Julie Egan
  • Debbie Foster
  • Jan Frost
  • Tracy-Jane Gray
  • Marion Jones
  • Sharon Jones
  • Glen Jones
  • Peter Guest
  • Cheryl Hales
  • Richard Hanson
  • Jackie Hawkins
  • Pat Head
  • Rita Hunt
  • Kelly Jackson
  • Sharon & Glen Jones
  • Leslie Lunn
  • Jane McNeil
  • Mrs Osman
  • Samantha Page
  • Rob Peters
  • Ken Reynolds
  • Samantha Sanz-dobbs
  • Emma Stephens
  • Anita Smith
  • Teresa Smith
  • Aileen Stoneham
  • Laura Stokoe
  • Donna Talbot
  • Sam Taylor
  • Vicky Taylor
  • Theresa Turtle
  • Angela Vidler
  • Victor
  • Henna Warner
  • Maria Young

Thank you to Cllr Josie Iles who supported this scheme by donating ward funds.