Sweeping Watling St Path and Steps

Our final workday of 2019 was a cold one. The very wet conditions can be treacherous for the general public. So we sought to make life easier for people by doing our usual sweeping of the pathway and steps on Watling Street. We checked the common. It seemed that one of two dog bins were…

Small Mammal Survey – Nov 2019

We are looking forward to sharing the results of our small mammal survey with you. We did our last survey in 2012. No doubt we will find mice and bank voles. This information will be sent off to the relevant organisations.

AGM – October 2019

Saturday 19th October saw us have another Annual General Meeting. As always we discussed our achievements over the last year, what had gone well and what we would like to do for 2020. We have started making a business plan each year now which will help us keep on top of tasks and gt organised…

Woodland Thinning

The days are getting colder now up on the common but we turned up in good numbers this month to get some jobs done. Medway Norse have been up on the common recently thinning some trees in the woodland area to allow sunlight to reach the ground. Thinning removes the less healthy or less desirable…

Clearing Sandy Banks Walk

Our work day in September involved members clearing the Sandy Banks walk. Meanwhile others completed a full inventory of the tools and supplies in our container. It has been a busy summer of us as we attended both Focus on Strood at Broomhill and a Fun Day at Strood Youth Centre. At both events we…

Hedgerow and Bramble

Today we are joined by the community payback team who are on site helping us maintain the hedgerow at the back of Columbine Close. Meanwhile we have cleared the bramble back on some pathways in the woodland area and behind Thurston Drive.

Widening Entrance to Hard Standing

This month our work day consisted of cutting back the overhanging brambles and other plants along Thurston Drive and the entrances to the common from Thurston drive. This included widening the entrance to the hard standing in preparation for this summers open day.

Alexanders Removal

This month on the common we cut our Alexanders from the central grass meadow that are not suitable. Alexanders is a common rather invasive, edible, flowering plant of a green-yellow colour, which is known for its rapid growth.  The plant is appearing in ever-increasing quantities. It is very aggressive and can shade out smaller vegetation….

Dawn Chorus

A cold northerly wind and near-freezing temperatures did not deter our group at this morning’s Dawn Chorus Walk. A beautiful sunrise, accompanied by the sound of birdsong and great company made for a most convivial experience. The chorus itself was shorter and a little quieter than usual, probably due to the cold weather, but there…

Wildlife on the Common

Our volunteer Rob Peters regularly visits the common to document and photograph the birds and other wildlife. You can see his weekly updates on our Facebook page. You do not need to be logged into Facebook to view our updates as they are ‘public’ but if you do use Facebook please like our page to…