Checking on the saplings

Leaves everywhere! We managed to clear the Watling Street footpath of leaves using rakes and brooms. We also litter picked around some of the entrances and inspected the saplings we recently planted. We were disappointed to find that someone has stolen all the cane sticks that were holding them up. Afterwards we had a fun Christmas…

Christmas Fundraising Quiz

There was fun to be had all round at our Christmas Fundraising Quiz this year. Initially it was a mad panic when our key holder was unable to make it and we thought we weren’t going to be able to get into the church! But after a bit of driving around we were able to source…

TCV Tree Planting

We have just planted 50 assorted shrubs and trees provided by The Conservation Volunteers.  OVO Energy funds the TCV “I Dig Trees” programme on behalf of their Greener Energy Plan customers as an additional environmental and social benefit of their commitment to a cleaner, greener future. PACK 4. WILDLIFE & SHRUBS10 x Wayfairing10 x Guelder…

The Medway Culture, Design and Tourism Awards

The Medway Culture, Design and Tourism Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of groups, individuals, projects and people and their contributions to the area’s cultural vitality. Rede Common were excited to be put forward as Nominee’s for the award for the category of “Open Spaces and Public Realm”. Jason Tillman and Robert Heathfield went as representatives of the FORC and we received a…

Foraging Walk

On Saturday 17th October as part of our drive to take part in a wider variety of activities, we worked with the Kent Wildlife Trust to undertake an exploration of the common. This was led by a forage expert, Gary, and an expert in wildfood cooking, Nicola from Jack Raven Bushcraft.  The event was organised…

New Pathway

Former Labour Cllr Isaacs Igwe kindly gave us funding for this footpath for the Columbine entrance. It has recently been completed by Top2Bottom.

Anti climb paint

We now have anti climb paint on our container. We were disappointed to see a large amount of fly tipping on site today.  But after a short while we managed to clear it all away.

Nationwide – Community Match

We are pleased to announce that Nationwide has picked Rede Common in its local Community Match scheme. Between now and September 31st you can vote for Rede Common as your chosen organisation to receive a donation from Nationwide. Please consider us when you next visit a local branch in North Kent.

Sponsored Walk

Here are the photos from our walk. The weather was perfect. Sunny but not too hot. We are still collecting money so we cannot tell you just yet how much we raised.

Damaged Kissing Gate

These photographs show the broken kissing gate on Thurston Drive. It is always a shame when we see things like this happen and we home to raise the money to get it repaired as soon as possible. This is just one example of the type of work that requires the support of local residents and…