Meetup – Jan 2022

Clearing the path and litter picking were our main tasks on this fresh and foggy morning. We even found some lichen that had fallen from the trees indicating good air quality on the common. A big thank you to Medway Council for removing the graffiti from the Nature Reserve sign. If you see any graffiti…

Meetup – December 2021

At this time of year Friends of Rede Common clear the pathway alonside Watling Street of leaves. This stops the path becoming unsafe to walk on. it also stops the leave decomposing which would lead to weeds developing. The steps were also long overdue for clearing with rakes and spades. It was wet but not…

November Work Day

We planted 200 bluebells today! Hoping many of them will come up lovely next year. Beforehand we trimmed back the Hyacinth end of the Strood Community Trail that runs through the centre of the common.

Community Cleanup Report

The community cleanup carried out on Saturday 16th October 2021 was run for three hours and well attended. We shifted a lot of rubbish on the western side of the site. Well done to Jason and John for organising and thank you to Morrisons for supplying refreshments. Thank you to all.

The Sandy Banks Walk

The Sandy Banks Walk shown takes you through woodland and across several meadows. Friends of Rede Common implemented this walk so people new to the nature reserve could explore without getting lost. Check out our page on the walk to find out more.

Cyclamen in the woods!

After our last comittee meeting we ventured into the woods to identify areas that needed sorting for our community cleanup event next month. We were very pleased to spot some cyclamen growing naturally in the woods. Cyclamen require excellent drainage to thrive, so it’s the key to growing perfect examples. Dappled shade is best as full sun…

Community Cleanup Planned

Fly-tipping, poses a serious threat to humans and wildlife. Friends of Rede Common invite you to join us in tackling woodland areas of Rede Common Local Nature Reserve on Saturday 16th October 10am – 1pm. Please e-mail us if you are interested in attending or use the contact us form on this website. Wear suitable…

Meetup 19th June 2021

It was nice and sunny and not too hot on the common when we swept and litter picked on the Watling Street pathway. We then headed down into the woodland area to cut back the pathway entrances. Many had overhanging branches and excess foliage which makes it difficult for people to use the paths. We…

Container Repaint Preparations

The rain held off long enough for house to wire brush the container on site ready for a new coat of green paint. Meanwhile another group of volunteers understook of circuit of the site litter picking and removing rubbish from the woodland areas.


Every 3 metre square of the world has been given a unique combination of three words. This is the address of our main entrance. But remember every 3m square of land on the common also has its own unique three words. If you have any issues on the common, let the emergency services know the…